Sunday, 20 March 2011

So he cheated.. get over it or leave him..

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You know what does my head in, some of the women on the 'Maury show'and Jerry Springer, are they paid to act so stupid or they just naturally dumb.
Wait, so you know your man is cheated, well you are convinced he is, if your instincts tells you he is, then chances are he is.

And you come on this show, lets not forget its aired on national TV and abroad plus online and you make a total fool of your self.
Its understandable, you cannot take his words for it anymore, whenever you ask him, he tells you he is not cheating. You probably do not have the money to do a lie detector test, so the show might be your only alternative, even still the test they do is not 100% accurate, so why rely sole on that. I think your instincts are better to rely on, unless you are very paranoid, and suspect everybody is or will cheat on you.

What has raised my anger right this moment is this woman, who believes with no doubt that her fiancé is cheating, refuse to believe whatever he says, so when the test results confirmed that he in fact was, why was she on the floor balling her eyes out??? Make no sense to me if you ask... But hey who I'm I to judge.


  1. Ughhh, I hate these shows. They drive me insane. Can't help agree with your logic, too...

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  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog,miss
    this is a complicated theme !! it´s hard to trust your partner after he or her have cheated on you