Thursday, 19 May 2011

So I ASK??

She is the kind of girl that you could go and talk to. No questions, no judgments she will just listen. You need advice? She is your girl, she will talk some sense in you, a love guru, but where did she get her qualifications? I don’t see anybody here running a school on love. Plus she has never been the one for relationships. She is usually the observer, I have seen her with numerous of guys, but whenever I ask her she says its nothing, I think she might be scared to get in deep, its understandable, she does not want to get hurt.

What annoys me is when she goes on like she knows everything about love. When compared to me, she has not been in a lot of relationships. There was that one, and the one from school, and the one from college, and the on and off guy. You cannot really call that a relationship that one. They will be talking for three months and then won’t be for another two then again, and then off again, you know how that goes.

I am the one that have been in a lot of relationships, I know more than she knows; I have felt more than that cold heart of hers. She always pushes people away, especially the ones that she shouldn’t. I don’t understand why she does that. She talks about being bored, and feeling alone, (she hates using the word lonely) she says she wants someone, but I cannot phantom how that can be true.

Romantic novels, and comedies are the center of her universe. But in such arts, you see people take chances; I never see her take a chance. You watch Gossip Girl? She wants something like Chuck and Blair, I told her you cannot, those things do not happen in real life, she will nod and say, “I know”. So tell me how a person like that should be able to give me or anybody else, relationship advice, or any advice for that matter.

But I just realized, she sits back and she watches and observes. Things that I am blind to are plain to her. Mistakes that I have made seem stupid to her. I have always known she was alone by choice, I see her talk to a lot of guys, and she is the biggest flirt. But I never realized she knows exactly what she is doing. She said to me once, you get to know a person before you label them. And then I put this in perspective with my life, all those guys, we were never in a relationship, it was just a thing, a fling. I have been in as many relationships as she has been in, and I sit here and judge her, especially, when she is I.


  1. Interesting write-up, with a great summation at the end. It does seem sometimes that we are two people, and as for fathoming relationships, hmmm...tell me when you do.

  2. Kinda sounds so much like me. I'm so scared most times to go head deep. I can tell when a friend is dating the wrong guy. But what happens when I meet the wrong one myself? Sometimes in an attempt to not make any mistakes, I don't choose anyone at all. I just prefer to take the back seat.
    Nice write-up just like Myne said :)